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To us it is essential to take those recycling with commitment as an example. Just think about how much you can help the world by purchasing our products made in recycled wood. Wood being discarded due to its unknown value Wood with a unique story to tell Wood deftly selected to make you live again the most intense emotions of past stories. Emotions that emerge by just lightly touching the surface and emotions that praise the skilful and hand-crafted making of the past times. Quality is searched for in the small and big details of everyday that make the difference for us and for you

Our motto

Let’s recycle old wood - Let’s save the trees - Let’s save our planet

Our company has been working in the timber industry for generation, it has been woodworking since 1929 and is in the same place since 1949. This proves professionalism and control over our “clean production”.

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Latest Projects

Table made of ancient wood

A table obtained from a an old tree of a alpin forest. We have transformed simple wooden planks into a design object with a character, expressing robustness and attention to details. This is reflecting the splendour of the nature, its robustness, the wisdom of the wood and of its ancient history.

Wood flooring in the bathroom?

Discover how water and wood can live together. We make use of ancient wood skilfully and environmentally friendly treated and worked to make you try an unique experience: to daily enjoy the wood taste in your bathroom as well.

The pleasure of cooking in ancient wood taste

Even in a kitchen we can use old planks coming from the upholstery of an ancient valley church. By delicately working the material we have obtained a kitchen with modern features and ancient taste. A kitchen that has experienced history. Thanks to our solutions modern and ancient furniture can be combined.

Recycled beams from an old train station

We have recycled old beams from a train station of the early 20th century. The old-time taste for the best wood has brought it to our days and made it priceless. The uneven surface is giving a special atmosphere, a bedroom that makes you dream the old days.

Suite in Côte d’Azur

An ancient wood plank, recovered from old vessels and recycled, recalling old-time making of an undisputable quality. A peculiar product that, if combined with a modern furniture, can transform a simple room into a marvellous suite.

Table made of recycled wood from houses of 1700

Old wooden beams from a mansion of the 18th century have been used to create this table. We have donated a new life to old wood thanks to the latest recycling technologies, thus bringing a piece of history in the house, an extraordinary and long-lasting object.

Natural gazebo

Ancient and abandoned trunks are aged and dried to become a natural gazebo, clean and eco-friendly. You can make your garden look nicer by adding an original and unique touch. Discover our creations for your garden.

Accessories made of wood from the bush

By taking care of the wood recovered from our forest, we obtain unique and original pieces of furniture. Giving the space a unique touch is quite simple: with our wooden products, you can render the taste of the undergrowth.

A warm chalet in the Alps

By reusing ancient local wood from an old hayloft, we have transformed a simple space into a warm and comfortable chalet. Let’s be cuddled by the fragrance of old wood, able to warm even the coldest winter up. The final location is shabby chic, especially designed for our customer.


Ancient woods

Ancient wood and recovered wood, the one already used over time, have a peculiar aspect to the eye of the observer. Oxidation of the wood, coming over time from maturation of the substancesand the chemicals of which it is made, is giving a colour and a unique tactile sensation that cannot be reproduced by human. The surface hand-finishing of the recovered wood brings out the uniqueness of the floor planks and the furniture created with ancient and recovered wood.

How we work

We recycle and recycle and recycle.
We have first class products!

We recycle to donate new lifeblood to the wood and new pleasure to our eyes.
We recycle the wood and we produce the energy needed for the process that regenerates ancient and recovered wood.
We recycle and we therefore reconsider the way we think about the future.

Its Advantages

Ancient wood

The merit connected to the use of ancient and recovered wood, conditioned and cleaned in high-tech desiccation rooms, is the unique aspect which cannot be found in the wood flooring and the furniture proposed by the international market. Furthermore, our ancient conditioned wood is harder and more robust compared to “itself but in a new wood”. The use of old recovered wood by those who aim to be environmental friendly, is moreover limiting the felling of the trees which are giving oxygen to the air through the chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Why ancient wood

Using recycled wood means to recover already cut trees and to save new trees thus allowing more oxygen in the air.

  • With almost one hundred years of experience we can state that recycled wood gives unique feelings with respect to new wood.
  • Recycled wood, worked with the most modern technology, is transformed exactly like the new one but with unique aesthetic features far from the standard of the retail industry.
  • Advantages of old wood are:
    1. It has a memory
    2. It releases the scent absorbed over time with authentic fragrances free from pollution
Try to savour a recycled wood flooring: imagine a flooring generated by wood that made the history and that listened to talks and sounds of bygone days.


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